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When Ammachi came to Washington, my daughter insisted that her family be present during this first meeting with her teacher. She produced a sari for me to wear and had prepared a song and asked me to sing harmony with her. As I knelt for Ammas blessing, with my daughter in my arms, she raised up my head, and peering deep into my eyes, stuck a pudgy finger into my chest and said, Amma, Amma, Amma!

The intensity with which she said this left me wondering if she meant I was a mother many times over because of the extra children I had raised alongside my own, but somehow, I felt it had a. Little did I suspect that like Amma, I too would be blessing and healing the many that would come before me. As my world became more mystical, it also became less accessible to others. The loneliness that summer engulfed me, so I traveled to the Grand Canyon in hopes of gaining some answers.

After a long days journey, I checked into a motel room and before sleeping, poured my heart out in prayer, saying, I no longer fit with other people. Is there no one with whom I can share these spiritual experiences? Why are people becoming more hostile the more loving I become? As I lay in the dark, I heard a voice say, When you rise on higher thermals, like an eagle, you leave the flocks behind.

The world knows that which is not its own and rejects those of a higher frequency. I understood intellectually what this meant, but I also knew that it didnt ease my lonely heart. That night, unseen fingers were stroking my face and it disturbed my sleep. In my semi-awake state I thought I was dreaming so I made a concerted effort to wake up and end it. Yet even with my eyes open, the stroking continued. As I became more aware of my surroundings, I realized a large RV had been left running outside my motel roomits exhaust only a few inches from the intake vent of my room. In the heat of the summer night, the air conditioner had been sucking the noxious fumes into the room.

By the smell, this had been going on for some time. I ran to the door and got help. In a state of shock I wandered back into the aired room and sat on the corner of the bed. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was never alone. Over the years, I had an urge to alter every room in my house until it felt more like home. To my former husbands consternation, most of the changes were architectural.

The result of this creative zeal is a truly unusual house. Little did I realize that the changes were to bring the structure into harmony with sacred geometry. Later I understood that sacred geometry is the lines along which Spirit moves to create and that certain measurements facilitate dimensional changes and energy vortexes that serve as openings between the realms. Gradually, the wonders of the house have unfolded and I am still. The most sacred place of all is my bedroom, which is also a healing chamber.

The ceilings slope up at 45degree angles to a depiction of the transfiguration of Christ on the mount. When we change dimensions, light travels up the spine into the pineal gland, shoots out the back of the skull at a degree angle until it is opposite the heart, then moves through the heart at another degree angle. Dimensional changes, therefore, are brought about by a degree change of directions done in two degree angles.

The geometry of my ceiling mirrors this so it facilitates dimensional changes. There are 16 squares and circles in gold stucco bordering the image of the Christ, as painted in its original form by Raphael. The circle inside the square represents ascension through the balancing of the masculine and feminine components.

In descending through the seven levels of the surface mind and the nine levels of the subconscious mind, we begin the ascension into Godmind. So, too, the Earth has had to move through 16 periods of descension to prepare herself for the glorious ascension that awaits. All the masters of light that appeared did so at the same location in the room. It was also the originating point of a loud explosion that startled the household. Following this unexplainable explosion that left no physical traces, the energy at this specific spot had changed. Our divining rods confirmed this, and when people entered the room, they seemed to gravitate towards that spot.

Some explained it as though standing in a warm, comforting light. Later I realized that during my remodeling, the room had been altered into a perfect golden mean rectangle. When this rectangle is divided into a square and another square, it forms another golden mean rectangle. Where these shapes meet, it creates a portal. Due to this, many of the sacred temples in the world use the ratio of the golden mean rectangle for their buildings.

The windows in the house were replaced by antique stained glass. Different colors are dominant as the daylight changes and each color seems to promote specific forms of healing. The windows at the end of the bedchamber have borders in the same colors as three energy fields. Ostensibly the windows depict the four apostles after a painting by Albrecht Drer; however, in fact they portray the four founders of Rosicrucianism: four immortal masters who brought information pertaining to this sacred brotherhood back to the earth.

The dark oak floors carry such a hallowed feeling that visitors involuntarily take off their shoes at the door. In amazing ways, pure silver items found their way into my home, as well as ancient books formerly belonging to the old alchemists there are hidden codes in the pages. Their vibration added to the extraordinary atmosphere in my house. My home had become a temple. During and my work was exclusively with my children and their friends. I was blessed with a large house that provided a haven for teenagers needing a place away from televisions, video games, or other electronic disturbances.

The resulting amount of housekeeping was staggering, and I often worked from 6am to 10pm with little or no break. I decided to use my work as a form of worship, and sang songs to Gods glory as I worked. I noticed how doing something to the best of ones abilitiesas a tribute to the Divinediffered from doing it from a sense of obligation. I began to realize that our worth lies in our attitude. The work itself is incidental. In March of , I voiced my intent to the Universe that I would love to take my son and a friend to Hawaii for a vacation. The finances werent readily available, but I decided to leave the details to God.

One day later I received a call from a friend of a friend who said he worked for PuUhonua Kanahele, one of the heirs to the Hawaiian Kingdom. His friends and followers called him Bumpy. He had a vision that I was to help the Hawaiian people and represent him, and the other Kahunas, in Britain and Europe. They wanted me to come to Hawaii and bring the boys, and a hotel owner graciously volunteered a penthouse for our use.

We found a bargain on airfare, and soon thereafter, we were in the islands. The time in Hawaii was magical. I gave Bumpy a gift that Spirit had instructed me to take. It was a pendant dated by the Smithsonian. Institute as being from approximately BC.

It came from the mound builders of Missouri. The pendant had a bear claw stained in berry juice and baked into clay. To my consternation, big tears rolled down the Hawaiians face as he held it in his hand. You have fulfilled a prophecy, he said. He explained further, Many years ago my people went west in their canoes and then over land to Central America.

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They made their way north on a big river where they met people who built huge mounds. It was said that one day the circle would be completed by an item of theirs being carried back to the Hawaiian people. This would occur many years into the future. It would be a signal to the Hawaiians that their time of pain was nearly over. I am known as The Bear of The West.

By bringing me this object from the Mound Builders, you have completed the cycle. Bumpy took me into the mountains to the sacred sites, where traditionally, only Hawaiians were permitted to go. The memories of that week enriched all our lives. Soon after returning from Hawaii, on a stormy night, I was instructed by Spirit to drive two-and-a-half hours to my daughters home to give her an initiation and blessing. A dear friend was there so I blessed her as well. I was inspired during the blessing to include her mother. Unbeknownst to me, her mother was ill, living in a different part of town, and at that very moment felt a surge of energy go through her body that healed the disease.

Physical Difficulties

Thereafter, my daughter, with friendly assurance, would advise people to visit me, Oh, thats all right, my mother can heal you! And so it began that I started working with clients. The Gate of Power Many visitors from other realms found their way through the dimensional gate that had opened in my healing chamber. In , another gate opened and again there was a huge explosion without any physical evidence of a disturbance. This next opening occurred at the corresponding position on the golden mean rectangle but on the other side of the room,. Again, our divining rods verified this. The openings of my sacred spaces seemed to coincide with specific initiations in my life.

One year later, I was reading in bed at midnight when a loud explosion reverberated throughout the room. This coincided with an experience where I was taken out-of-body and found myself standing with an angelic being before a very large gate. When I inquired about the gate, the luminous being explained that it was the third one on the path of ascension. Apparently I had already gone through two other gates. The first was the gate of love. The prerequisite for going through this gate, the angelic one explained, is to see the innocence of all things.

You pass through that gate only when you realize there is no good or evil. The insight dawned gradually that our true identity is a consciousness as vast as existence, expressing in human form. I came to understand that we arent our experiences. We are all one grand cosmic being, expressing as many, having human experiences that were carefully designed by our Higher Self to gain insights. At times, we choose to experience life as the undeveloped light to gain perspective.

It allows us to see who we are, by experiencing who we are not. The result of this understanding has been that effortless healing takes place in my presence. The angel offered further explanation, Once you pass through the gate of love, all your actions become more consequential. You start to make a bigger difference. I realized these insights had coincided with the first explosion that had occurred in my room. The second gate you passed through, the angel continued, was the gate of wisdom. The prerequisite for passing through it is to be very still and very humble.

You realize the necessity to hold on lightly to your belief systems; that todays truth is not tomorrows truth. I came to understand that any one truth could only take us up one rung of the spiritual ladder, and those that claim to be masters for too long are stuck at the top of a rung. Having mastered a specific set of truths is an indicator to Spirit to knock us to the next rung, where again, we are students.

I realized I had ceased to strive. I seemed to effortlessly know all that. I was meant to at each moment. In fact, information came so easily it wasnt necessary for me to read books something I used to love to do. I had become open and teachable, knowing that even a fool could be my greatest teacher. The angel further explained, The requirement for stillness was fulfilled when you stopped striving. Instead of concern over the future, you live spontaneously in the experience of the now.

I asked about the third gate. The angel explained that this was the gate of power and to pass through, it requires harmlessness and an awareness of the aliveness of all things. Respect for all life was essential. I found myself hesitating before this gate. Power wasnt something I had ever sought. I only wanted clarity and wisdom so I could selflessly serve all creatures on the planet. The angelic being spoke as though reading my thoughts, It is in the flesh where the Divine is made manifest.

Where God expresses there is love, wisdom, power and beauty. There are many that force their way through the gate of power using various mystical practices. But there is a limit to the power they can wield, for the universe doesnt entrust limitless power to one who hasnt mastered the self. Fear not, you have earned the right to walk through this gate. In the months following my entry through the third gate, some interesting visitors presented themselves. I awoke one night to find a Scotsman in a kilt standing beside my bed.

He had a wild, bushy beard and a rather austereif not ferociousappearance. He observed me a few minutes, then apparently decided to live in the house. Several visitors have seen him over the years. This spirit can often be heard walking through the house, and on two occasions, has seen fit to hit someone through the face who was disrespectful to the house or myself. One night I was awakened by the presence of an old man with whitegray beard and hair, dressed as a Yogi. He was carrying a water urn on his right shoulder. For many months I had no idea who this visitor was. Then one day I recognized him from a picture, as the founder of the Sikh religion.

The Egyptian god of the dead, Anubis, materialized in my room. He appeared about five feet, eleven in height. His naked chest was well built. His head was that of a stylized jackal. He stood beside my bed and radiated a bluish light throughout the room. His power was potent, but his presence felt benign. A few months after his appearance, a black Egyptian Anubis dog woke me by placing his head on the edge of my bed. He wagged his tail and sat there as though waiting for a few pats. My heart filled with love for this beautiful animal, then he was gone.

I had an unpleasant burning in my limbs, particularly in the lower extremities. My children and I knew the Language of Pain so we rarely visited physicians because we understood the lesson Spirit was trying to get us to see by bringing on the ailment. When we embraced the lessons, the cause was corrected and the symptoms went away.

I spent hours of introspection, trying to find the lesson associated with this acid-like burning. It felt as though I had run a marathon, unprepared. For several years the pain intensified. At times I was so crippled that I couldnt trust myself to stand and maintain balance, even after sitting only a short period. It was a struggle not to limp as I walked. I began to experience the value of living in the moment. For if I looked back over the several hours of agony, or looked ahead at the hours of suffering to come, I would have buckled under despair. As I sat shaking with pain, I consoled myself with the instruction that each second was new and that the only time I had to bear the pain was this second.

I asked for healing and called from my heart for assistance, but for once in a long time, it didnt come. This forced me to work at maintaining a happy heart in the midst of this three-year-long trial. I asked that this fiery lesson leave me as pure as burnished gold. Finally, in December of , after a particularly harrowing day of burning agony throughout my limbs, I cried, Why Father? Why am I experiencing such pain, and why cant I find the impurity within causing it?

Christ myth theory

I was told to go to the bookcase and pull out a little book, which I had intended to read for the last few years but had never gotten to. It was a book by Satprem containing interviews with a saintly woman in India, known as Sweet Mother of Pondicherry. I opened to the exact page where she explained the burning pain in her limbs. She said it was the reason why the sages, Yogis, and Gurus throughout the ages had spent the majority of their time outside the body, traveling in the hidden realms.

Being in the body burnt so unbearably that it would compel them to leave again to experience the realms of pure bliss. The Yogis called it the sacred fire. Apparently the Yogic positions of the body were designed to gently stretch the muscles and alleviate this burning. In Sweet Mothers life, she never found a way in the physical, to transcend this pain. However, she did find during elevated states of consciousness that it instantly disappeared.

Desire Is the Key to Awakening - Living A Course in Miracles - Modern Mystics #19

I found this to be accurate, yet I knew that not everyone experiences the burning. Even if they do, it can be transcended due to the tremendous increase in consciousness that is occurring each year. I cried with gratitude to finally know the cause of what I had endured, yet I felt compelled to ask, Why didnt you tell me what was causing this, dear God? Because you never asked, came the response. To my amazement, as I looked back, I had only asked for assistance, not inquiring about the cause.

That taught me the importance of asking the right question. Armed with this newfound knowledge, I again asked for assistance with alleviating this sacred fire. Relief came within three days. I was lying on my bed waiting for a phone call, when I suddenly felt little darts of energy shooting into my body. It felt like needles and pins, but I could clearly distinguish that it was coming from outside my body.

In my minds eye I saw a drawing that I had once seen on an Egyptian scroll depicting an initiate lying on a bed, with a Priest standing behind his head, and tiny rays penetrating the initiates body. For three hours I couldnt move as these rays continued to bombard me. Abruptly, it subsided. My cells were agitated and I could feel a difference in their vibration as a subtle shaking. The pain was gone and didnt return again, except on two occasions when radionics were deliber-.

I felt as though I had emerged from a dark cave. Somehow I had passed my testing. I had managed to keep my joy amidst the pain and to remain patient and kind towards my loved ones. I am grateful for this suffering for it taught me self-discipline and control, the imperative need to live moment by moment, and the importance of making sure we ask the right questions. A deer walked toward me in spite of having to dodge rocks that were being thrown by an insensitive person on the hillside.

She persisted until only 10 feet away and remained there until I left. The Fanged BoaOne day at a pet store, I overheard the owner describe a boa constrictor from the Amazon jungle as a real problem. He was a beautiful green tree boa with long fangs. The employees couldnt even clean his cage, since he would strike at anything that moved. I grew up in an area of Africa that has 42 species of poisonous snakes so a fear of snakes had been deeply ingrained in me.

I was eager to overcome this fear because it prevented me from becoming fully empowered. Consequently, I asked if I could touch the snake. The owner looked at me as though I were insane and told me to proceed at my own risk. I took 15 minutes to calm my pounding heart and eradicate any expectations of failure from my thoughts. I visualized myself gently lifting the snake from his cage, with him responding positively. I spent another 10 minutes recognizing the divinity in all of existence, including this reptile. Finally, with a slow movement so I wouldnt be mistaken for a bird, which is prey I reached for the snake.

Sensing no great agitation on his part, I lifted him out of the cage. I felt compelled to carry him to a distant part of the store where the fish were kept. My heart was still; the snake became still; and he seemed to enjoy my touch. I held him for. When I gently placed him back in the cage, we both felt sadness at parting. I explained to the owner that the snakes agitation was due to the fact that his cage was too close to the birds, which placed him in a constant state of hunting due to the smell of his prey.

I suggested that the cage be moved to a different part of the store to soothe his behavior. The Day of the FrogsWhile hiking one afternoon, I stopped to rest near a small muddy stream and decided to lie on my stomach and watch the frogs in their habitat. Initially they darted away, then I asked permission to touch them. As I reached out, one frog remained and allowed me to stroke his tiny back. It seemed to put him into a trance. The frog responded similarly, and eventually I reached around and stroked his belly.

This went on for about 10 minutes. During this time, I telepathically received information from the frog. It informed me that frogs, through their songs, create a sort of doorway that allows other creatures to experience what it is like to be a frog. Also, the females judge the males by the strength of their songs, particularly the second syllable of the croak.

Even though frogs generally start their song in unison, soon they begin to stagger the sounds in an attempt to drown out the second part of the others croaks, in hopes that the females would hear their croaks. I was amazed that such brinkmanship would exist in the animal kingdom. I thought it was only characteristic of humans! The IvyThe garden surrounding my house had been tending itself superbly since I had requested that the nature spirit in charge take care of the flowers and plants.

That year it was as though the garden had been fertilized and an abundance of flowers bloomed. I asked permission of the nature spirit to cut back the ivy from the top of the chimney as it had become a fire hazard. I indicated where I wanted to cut and waited for an answer. A cigar-shaped diaphanous cloud about 18 inches tall materialized three feet away. I heard permission being granted with the assurance that the ivy would withdraw its life force from the branches that were to be trimmed.

As I stood mesmerized, the little cloud moved to my right and then disappeared. It was a clear day and no trace of smoke or. Due to the difficult location, I hired a gardener to prune the ivy. Even though I had given meticulous instructions, he butchered the plant. The nature devas must have rebelled because the next day, the flowers were dead.

To my dismay, my magical garden continued to dwindle. I cried with remorse and buried several quartz crystals throughout the garden as a token of my love and appreciation for the work of the devic realm, but to no avail. The nature spirits didnt return that season. The Blackberry BushThat autumn I approached a blackberry bush in my back garden and was conscientious about asking permission to cut it back to acceptable proportions.

Firstly, I shared my appreciation for its flowers and berries. Then I explained that it was blocking the sun from the other plants and snagging the sweaters of the boys when they mowed the lawn. I explained exactly where I would be pruning. As I listened for the answer from the bush, the following reply came, In our kingdom we dont view death the way humans do.

I am happy to recycle myself that other plants may growto retreat into the group soul and once again be born. This doesnt damage me. It is lack of honor and respect that damages our kingdom. We are called weeds and denied our place in the sunour beauty and bounty unappreciated.

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  4. I thank you for your consideration and appreciation. Humans are a synthesis of many different kingdoms. It is therefore through their appreciation and love, that a species is led to evolve into a more complex range of expression. Their acknowledgment brings healing and accelerated evolution. I pondered the lesson of the blackberry bush, and it provided insights and wisdom to cope with an occurrence three weeks later when a man and his wife came for a healing.

    He asked her to wait downstairs while he counseled with me. As I spoke with him upstairs in the healing chamber, I became aware of her growing agitation. By the time we went downstairs she was livid and loudly expressed her irritation. Having just come from a psychic session, I was highly sensitive and receptive and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I tried to console her, offering her a valuable gift that had been in our family, but she refused it.

    Then I recalled the. She didnt mind being pruned out, but I had practically ignored her since I knew her husband was meant to be the client. Like the blackberry bush, she had become prickly, yet she only sought acknowledgment and her place in the sun. The Sand FleasI knew from experience that when I asked mosquitoes not to bite me, they couldnt be dissuaded from what they are programmed to do, namely, to suck the blood of warm-blooded mammals.

    The beach where I routinely walked was invaded with thousands of fleas. They were so thick that the sand seemed to be in perpetual motion. An enmity began between us. I had to choose to either step on or carefully avoid them yet it was very difficult to miss the darting targets. Nonetheless, the carefree mood of walking at the beach was ruined. I wasnt sure if this type of fleas was bloodsucking or not, but memories of being bitten by fleas on the Cape Town beaches haunted me. I decided to fill my pockets with pebbles, tossing them three feet in front of me at regular intervals as I walked, sending the fleas scattering in all directions to clear the path.

    However, that took the joy out of the experience since I couldnt focus on the sunset, read the weather by the behavior of the seagulls, or marvel at the sandpipers streaking like quicksilver across the wet sand. Finally, I decided to make peace with the fleas.

    See a Problem?

    I didnt know how a communication would go due to their perpetual state of agitation, jumping up and down constantly. I knelt in the sand, acknowledging the divinity within these insects and the most amazing thing happened: the sand fleas congregated around me in a full circle all their heads facing towards me and all activity ceased.

    With an open heart and stilled mind, I telepathically communicated my appreciation for their role on earth. I received the information that they didnt suck blood, but helped dispose of the rotting seaweed. Their increased numbers were due to the increase in seaweed torn loose by the winter storms.

    I realized I could walk casually, ignoring their presence since they were far too quick and agile to be trampled underfoot. I felt a great peace that stemmed from feeling like part of the whole. Man carries a heavy burden by believing we are separate from the rest of creationnot realizing the intricate way in which all consciousness is connected. Feathers for BeautyAfter months of being overcome by the glory of all lifeforms around me, I started wondering if I was beautiful too.

    I decided to take the matter to the Holy Mother, the feminine element of God. Surely She would understand such a question! I waited nearly three days for the answer. At the end of the third day, I was beside myself that it hadnt come. I decided to start the prayer over and was interrupted by a knock on the front door. When I opened the door, an irritated man, whom I had met once, was shoving an odd looking object at me. Here are your darn feathers!

    Ive been traveling to Sedona to give a lecture and for days Spirit has instructed me to turn around and head north and retrieve this object from my locker. Now Im a day late for the lecture Im supposed to give. He looked accusingly at me as though I were personally responsible. But what is this? I stammered, totally confused. When I made these three feathers into this prayer stick, the sacred geometry was revealed to me by the Goddess. I was instructed to prepare it for the highest ideal in female beauty.

    This is what Spirit has sent me to give you. Now may I please be on my way? With that, he rushed off. Tears streamed across my cheeks as I held the beautiful prayer stick, made with shells and feathers, in my hand. Surely this was the Mothers way of telling me to be still and know that I am beautiful too. Messages from the Mineral Kingdom In my interaction with the mineral kingdom, it is clear that the crystals and stones that have come to me in their own special ways have chosen me, rather than my having chosen them.

    In on my birthday, I received two amazing crystals programmed with the knowledge of a Peruvian shaman. The following day I stood in prayer, a crystal in each. My head was thrown back with my eyes closed, when I became aware that the crystals had no weight. I couldnt understand this since they were large and hefty. I opened my eyes and looked down at the crystals. To my complete astonishment, I noticed I had risen several feet above the ground. Due to my shock, I fell down with a thud.

    To my unspoken question, the answer came as a small voice within, Through the attitudes of love, praise and gratitude, you are set free from gravity and the resulting side effects of aging, decay, and death. As I lay in amazement where I had landed on the floor, I pondered the extraordinary information which had been given, then my sons voice called through the bedroom door, Mom, Mary Beth is here to see you. Shes waiting downstairs. I pulled myself together and made my way downstairs, but as I stood waiting in the living room there was no sign of her.

    Thinking that she must have forgotten something in her car, I waited. Suddenly we became visible to each other, and both of us jumped in surprise since we were standing several feet apart yet had been completely invisible to one another. Mary Beth was so shaken that I led her over to a chair, and sat opposite her, trying to assure her that there was nothing to worry about. Even as I spoke she became more and more alarmed, clutching the arms of the chair nervously and looking as though she were ready to bolt.

    I finally realized that she wasnt listening to a word, so I simply waited for her to calm down. After a while a look of relief spread over her face and I suggested that we go into the kitchen for tea. After she composed herself, she explained that as I had sat across from her, I had disappeared again, and that time, only my eyes had remained. Through the eyes she had been able to see the starlit skies. She was so bewildered that she didnt visit long that day, but later on, we became dear friends. Soon after my ecstatic experience with the two crystals, an uncomfortable feeling settled around the house.

    It grew so intolerable that the boys spent three nights camping outside in the garden. It was most intense in the healing chamber. My skin burned; my heart pounded; and. We couldnt think clearly while in the house. I suspected it was somehow connected with those crystals.

    I prayed, These crystals came as a gift. Please help balance their energies so this household can return to its holy and perfected state. The imbalance lasted three days, until a man named Jerry knocked on the door and said, I have this beautiful, smoky quartz crystal I recently purchased, and even though Im reluctant to part with it, it absolutely insists on living with you.

    Here, accept it as a gift. It belongs to you. I placed the third large crystal with the others, and instantly, a peace settled over the house. The energies were again harmonious, and the boys moved back inside. A week later, Jerry knocked at the door again, Almine, I have been instructed by Spirit to perform a ceremony.

    I dont know what it is yet. I took him into the healing chamber and sat waiting. A strong energy moved through Jerry as he said, The Masters of Light want to honor you this day for the work you have done. They lay roses at your feet. I could clearly feel something soft touching my bare feet as though invisible flower petals had made contact. A figure formed in the far end of the room, and I recognized the face of Mother Meera, a spiritual teacher.

    We both clearly heard the words, Think of her as my sister, then she disappeared. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I realized this was the second sacred mother from India who had offered validation. I felt every cell in my body vibrating, and Jerry saw an exquisite pink-purple light gather around me and form a spiral that looked like a crown above my head. On my third eye, he saw a glowing blue star.

    Many others have seen this star. There were many times when I felt discouraged, thinking my growth wasnt fast enough. I begged God for a physical teacher, wondering if that would speed my progress. The answer to this always pointed me to the verse that appears in I John But the anointing which ye have received of Him abideth in you and ye need not that any man teach you, but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you ye shall abide in Him. I have been repeatedly told that although I am permitted to guide their lives, my children shall be taught directly by God.

    The appearance of Mother Meera in my room was further evidence that the sacred humans on earth, although separated by distance, were there to help us. As I held my arms up, a vortex of light formed and opened a gate above. In my dream I was dressed in a long white robe, standing in bluish waters. I was told that this was in anticipation of a trip I would be making to Belize, where an inter-dimensional gate was to be opened in preparation for the Earths ascension.

    This would enable Beings of light to send their assistance to the planet and humanity. At that time, my finances wouldnt permit such a trip, but I left the details in Gods hands. Soon after, I was informed by someone in England that, during a ball to celebrate Belize Day, they had entered my name in a raffle, and I had won a luxury trip to Belize, all expenses paid!

    I bought a few new pieces of clothing for the occasion and departed from the Portland airport. Through peculiar circumstances I had missed my plane and had to take the next. As I sat down in the plane seat, I was thinking how God never wastes my time and that there must be a reason for this delay. I became aware of a wayward spirit in the vacant seat next to me. Apparently she had had a heart attack just a few hours earlier and had died in the seat. Her spirit didnt yet realize that she was dead and couldnt understand why no one could hear her and why people kept trying to sit on her.

    She was a frail elderly woman and was bewildered and afraid, not knowing what to do. With my intent I opened a tunnel above her and called forth angelic beings to escort her to the spirit realm. Within my mind I spoke to her, assuring her that this was the next step and it would bring her joy. My memories of passing back and forth to the spirit world as a young child helped as I explained to her what a beautiful experience it would be. I saw her leave, accompanied by two. I spent the majority of my days in Belize searching for the beautiful pool I had encountered in my dreams. I trudged through the jungles and observed how natures joyous chorus never ceased when the Indians entered the jungle.

    However, when one of the tourists entered the same jungle, by the third step, there was a hush as all animals halted their chatter and songs. I realized that the indigenous peoples of the area used the jungles resources only when needed for survival. The urge to conquer naturerather than cooperate with ithung like a stench around most tourists.

    I admired the way in which reciprocity is the basis of the indigenous peoples belief system. They give their thanks to the water, land and mountains for the nourishment and shelter they provide. This concept of reciprocity has too long been foreign to the mind-set of modern societies.

    A native guide took me into the jaguar reserve. His job was to spot jaguars so he had developed a keen sensitivity. Therefore, I was puzzled when I heard padded footsteps following in the thick foliage behind us and he seemed entirely oblivious. I asked him several times if he could hear the sound. He looked at me as though I were crazy and simply shrugged.

    I decided to let him walk ahead and stood still to let the footsteps catch up with me. I turned and saw a beautiful spotted jaguar standing in the foliage. I stared mesmerized, noticing that it was becoming transparent. I was looking at a Spirit Jaguar. It is said that the jaguar is the cat that doesnt roar, but I heard a sound, not with my ears, but rather felt it with my body.

    This inaudible roar seemed to change me, particularly affecting my root chakra. I knew that I hadnt been properly expressing the root chakra for several years, as I had lived primarily in the upper chakras. I felt as though an energetic plug had been released. The guide, busy swatting mosquitoes, hadnt noticed that I was no longer behind him. Finally, he became aware that he was neglecting his duties and came looking for me. I hurried on, shaken, but grateful for the gifts from the Spirit Jaguar.

    The following day, I went on an excursion to an island with a group. The guide looked at my faltering efforts at swimming with some apprehension, and after observing my attempts, said firmly, Lady, just give me your hand, and Ill tow you around like a tugboat. As the Mayan man took my hand, a strong current of energy flowed through me, perhaps brought on by my intense joy over the extraordinary beauty of this underwater world. The effect on him couldnt have been more profound if it had been an electrical shock. He sank to the bottom, while I floundered at the top.

    When he surfaced and regained his breath, he banished me to the beach. I sat there happily playing with the little crabs and looking at the diversity of the grains of sand as they reflected the sunshine. Eventually, the guide came to sit beside me, looking confused and bewildered. Clearly this wasnt an ordinary diving trip for him.

    To set him at ease, I started talking about the ruins that I was to visit the following day. Then he shared a story, There is a legend that a blue woman will come from the south to open a gate that had been closed for thousands of years. He shook his head as if confused, adding, Im not quite sure why Im telling you this. He walked off to assist two other tourists. I continued amusing myself on the beach and pondered his words. Of course I wasnt that woman.

    Although I was from South Africa, I certainly wasnt blue. Perhaps it was a physical gate. I recalled having read that such a gate was discovered leading into the face of a rock cliff that seemed to be impenetrable. I decided to play in the shallow waters where beautiful schools of fish darted around. I communicated that I wanted to swim with them and requested that they stay nearby. Suddenly I was surrounded by hundreds of little silver fish against my skin. They stayed in the shallow waters so I could keep pace with them.

    I stayed inside this school of fish for many delightful minutes, and it seemed as though I became one with them. They offered me a message, All you know each day is that the current of life flows through that day. Cease to strive. Your only responsibility is to align yourself with that current and flow with the ocean of life. I thanked them before parting company.

    As I stood in the shallow water a moment longer, a group of pelicans dive-bombed the school of fish in the water around me, as though oblivious to my presence. Some of them struck the water about three feet away. I was able to observe this occurrence under water with my goggles. I was fascinated at how the school of fish conserved its energy. They didnt move until it was necessary to dart out of the way of danger. They didnt concern themselves about the next moment during this moment.

    This lesson was timely for me, since I had begun to be a bit anxious about the fact that I had only one day left and still hadnt seen the sacred pool. As we left the island, a sudden rainstorm shed buckets of water on us. I was wearing a blue hand-dyed dress made in India that I had bought especially for this trip. The rain caused the blue dye to run. It ran down my legs and arms, staining everything it touched.

    It was on my hands so as I wiped the water from my face, it became streaked. My long hair was hanging down my back so I ended up with dyed hair too. The other passengers were staring at me curiously, and I cant say I blamed them! That evening I was dumbfounded that water could pull the dye from the fabric and spread it around, but water wouldnt remove it, even when scrubbed vigorously with soap. Repeatedly, I showered and shampooed and bathed but I remained blue. It was still there the following day when I traveled into the mountainous area to visit a resort. As I checked in, they explained that since there was only one other guest, they had upgraded me to a luxury, thatched house on the edge of the river.

    As I looked through the window of my room, I saw the beautiful pool I had seen in my dream. With my skin and hair stained blue, wearing a blue swimsuit, I made my way down to the river to open the gate. As I stood in these sacred waters, I waited to be instructed how to open an inter-dimensional gate, but nothing was forthcoming. My joy overflowed, happiness streamed through every cell of my body and my heart praised God.

    Perhaps such joy would be enough to open this gate, I thought. But as I was in communion with God, tiny fish, that must surely. Go away! I ordered the little pests, Cant you see Im doing important work? Although I said this with a touch of irritability, I nevertheless understood the irony of my words, since I had learned that there was no important work.

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    The little fish, however, were unimpressed and continued biting my arms. Finally I decided to move my arms in circles while in prayer. The clockwise and counter clockwise circles of my arms caused little vortexes to form in the pool and, combined with the strength of my emotion, the dimensional gate was opened. When I looked up I saw two moons, as well as many stars in the afternoon sky. At that inopportune moment, the one other guest chose to come down to the river and said with a heavy British accent, How odd, there are two moons!

    I must go back and get my spectacles, and off he marched. By the time he returned, the two moons had merged into one, and I could no longer see the specks of stars. My happiness overflowed, as I had accomplished what I had come to do. The next day as I left by plane, I was moved into first class, given chocolates and royally pampered. I took it as a message from the Universe that I had done well. Messages from Spirit On a glorious morning, not long after returning from Belize, I went for a walk on my favorite beach in Oregon. I sensed that it would rain even though there wasnt a cloud in the sky.

    The sea gulls that were hunkered down, preparing for a storm, confirmed this. As I passed a group of them, I could clearly hear their communication, Theres a storm coming and youd better get ready. There isnt a cloud in the sky, I replied, besides, Ill be back long before it arrives. About a mile down the beach, it hit. I got caught in a rainstorm that seemed to come out of nowhere. It turned out to be severe with blowing rain that was virtually horizontal. I became drenched and was chilled to. As I struggled against the wind, not making much progress, I remembered the advice of the fish to cease to strive.

    I decided to sit down in the shelter of a driftwood log, and asked, Ok, what lesson am I here to learn this day other than next time Ill listen to those darn sea gulls! As I stilled my thoughts, the answer came, You are surrounded by energy. The entire universe is filled with energy that is available to you.

    Why do you choose to walk alienated from the power source that surrounds you? It is a universal law that you strengthen that which you oppose. I took time to let the words sink in, and then stood and faced the storm. I felt the wind and the rain as they interacted with each other. I decided to stop fighting them and become part of their dance. I stopped opposing the cold and let it pass through me unhindered. I took my time walking back, feeling the thousands of droplets against my skin, drawing upon the strength of the storm itself. My walk began to feel effortless.

    A hundred little sea gull heads watched my drenched and bedraggled figure as I walked past them trying to ignore their smugness that seemed to say, I told you so. Since then, when things arent going smoothly, the first thing I ask is whether or not I am swimming against the currents of life. If I feel certain that I am moving in the right direction, I then draw on the energies of the universe and surrender.

    It is interesting how Spirit had often used me as a courier. Sacred objects would come to me, but before my heart could embrace them, they would strongly declare that they werent mine to keep. I was only safeguarding them for another that would eventually come along. An East Indian man living in France had contacted me out of the blue. He said that he was in communication with an ancient Tibetan sage, known as the Rat Sage. He had been told by the Rat Sage how and when to contact me. He was instructed to go to the city above the clouds, which turned out to be a small French citadel that sat on top of a mountain, like an island in the clouds.

    Once there, he was to find the. House of Hawk. He made the trip to the little town by train and found an antique store by that name. Not having much money, he meandered around the store for an hour, waiting for some silent instructions. He noticed a small hawk carved out of bone or ivory lying in a tiny crack in the floor. He asked the shopkeeper the price. The shopkeeper said that there was no such item listed in their inventory, so he gave it to him for free. He informed me that this would be coming in the mail, sent by the Rat Sage to be entrusted into my keeping. The hawk sat in my closet for several years, and I could feel its great antiquity.

    The facts concerning His identity and mission are among the priceless mysteries preserved to this day in the secret vaults beneath the "Houses of the Brethren. The knowledge of the Templars concerning the early history of Christianity was undoubtedly one of the main reasons for their persecution and final annihilation. The discrepancies in the writings of the early Church Fathers not only are irreconcilable, but demonstrate beyond question that even during the first five centuries after Christ these learned men had for the basis of their writings little more substantial than folklore and hearsay.

    To the easy believer everything is possible and there are no problems. The unemotional person in search of facts, however, is confronted by a host of problems with uncertain factors, of which the following are typical:. According to popular conception, Jesus was crucified during the thirty-third year of His life and in the third year of His ministry following His baptism. About A. To quote: "They, however, that they may establish their false opinion regarding that which is written, 'to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord,' maintain that He preached for one year only, and then suffered in the twelfth month.

    For how could He have had His disciples, if He did not teach? And how could He have taught, unless He had reached the age of a Master? For when He came to be baptised, He had not yet completed His thirtieth year, but was beginning to be about thirty years of age for thus Luke, who has mentioned His years, has expressed it: 'Now Jesus was, as it were, beginning to be thirty years old,' when He came to receive baptism ; and, according to these men, He preached only one year reckoning from His baptism.

    On completing His thirtieth year He suffered, being in fact still a young man, and who had by no means attained to advanced age. Now, that the first stage of early life embraces thirty years, and that this extends onward to the fortieth year, every one will admit; but from the fortieth and fiftieth year a man begins to decline towards old age, which Our Lord possessed while He still fulfilled the office of a Teacher , even as the Gospel and all the elders testify; those who were conversant in Asia with John, the disciple of the Lord, affirming that John conveyed to them that information.

    And he remained among them up to the time of Trajan. Some of them, moreover, saw not only John, but the other apostles also, and heard the very same account from them, and bear testimony as to the' validity of the statement. Whom then should we rather believe? Commenting on the foregoing passage, Godfrey Higgins remarks that it has fortunately escaped the hands of those destroyers who have attempted to render the Gospel narratives consistent by deleting all such statements. He also notes that the doctrine of the crucifixion was a vexata questio among Christians even during the second century.

    On every principle of sound criticism, and of the doctrine of probabilities, it is unimpeachable. John the Evangelist, should have had reasonably accurate information. If the disciples themselves related that Jesus lived to advanced age in the body, why has the mysterious number 33 been arbitrarily chosen to symbolize the duration of His life? Were the incidents in the life of Jesus purposely altered so that His actions would fit more closely into the pattern established by the numerous Savior-Gods who preceded Him?

    That these analogies were recognized and used as a leverage in converting the Greeks and Romans is evident from a perusal of the writings of Justin Martyr, another second-century authority. In his Apology , Justin addresses the pagans thus:. But if any one objects that He was crucified, in this also He is on a par with those reputed sons of Jupiter of yours, who suffered as we have now enumerated.

    From this it is evident that the first missionaries of the Christian Church were far more willing to admit the similarities between their faith and the faiths of the pagans than were their successors in later centuries. In an effort to solve some of the problems arising from any attempt to chronicle accurately the life of Jesus, it has been suggested that there may have lived in Syria at that time two or more religious teachers bearing the name Jesus , Jehoshua or Joshua , and that the lives of these men may have been confused in the Gospel stories. Springett, a Masonic author, quotes from an early book, the name of which he was not at liberty to disclose because of its connection with the ritual of a sect.

    The last part of his quotation is germane to the subject at hand:. Then came the chief of the angels, according to the commandment of GOD, to raise up an heir to the Voice of Jehovah. And, in four generations more, an heir was born, and named Joshua, and he was the child of Joseph and Mara, devout worshippers of Jehovah, who stood aloof from all other people save the Essenians.

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    And this Joshua, in Nazareth, reestablished Jehovah, and restored many of the lost rites and ceremonies. According to tradition, Arthur, when a boy of fifteen, was crowned King of Britain, in A. Soon after his ascension to the throne he founded the Order of the Knights of the Round Table at Windsor. From all parts of Europe came the brave and the bold, seeking admission into this noble order of British knighthood. Nobility, virtue, and valor were its requirements, and those possessing these qualities to a marked degree were welcomed to King Arthur's court at Camelot.

    Having gathered the bravest and noblest Knights of Europe about him, King Arthur chose twenty-four who excelled all the others in daring and integrity and formed of them his Circle of the Round Table. According to legend, each of these Knights was so great in dignity and power that none could occupy a more exalted seat than another, so when they gathered at the table to celebrate the anniversary of their foundation it was necessary to use a round table that all might occupy chairs of equal importance. While it is probable that the Order of the Round Table had its distinctive rituals and symbols, the knowledge of them has not survived the ages.

    Elias Ashmole, in his volume on the Order of the Garter, inserted a double-page plate showing the insignia of all the orders of knighthood, the block set aside for the symbol of the Round Table being left blank. The chief reason for the loss of the symbolism of the Round Table was the untimely death of King Arthur upon the field of Kamblan A. While he destroyed his bitter enemy, Mordred, in this famous battle, it cast him not only his own life but the lives of nearly all his Knights of the Round Table, who died defending their commander. Within the last century several books have been published to supplement the meager descriptions in the Gospels of Jesus and His ministry.

    In some instances these narratives claim to be founded upon early manuscripts recently discovered; in others, upon direct spiritual revelation. Some of these writings are highly plausible, while others are incredible. There are persistent rumors that Jesus visited and studied in both Greece and India, and that a coin struck in His honor in India during the first century has been discovered.

    Early Christian records are known to exist in Tibet, and the monks of a Buddhist monastery in Ceylon still preserve a record which indicates that Jesus sojourned with them and became conversant with their philosophy. Although early Christianity shows every evidence of Oriental influence, this is a subject the modern church declines to discuss. If it is ever established beyond question that Jesus was an initiate of the pagan Greek or Asiatic Mysteries, the effect upon the more conservative members of the Christian faith is likely to be cataclysmic. If Jesus was God incarnate, as the solemn councils of the church discovered, why is He referred to in the New Testament as "called of God an high prim after the order of Melchizedek"?

    The words "after the order" make Jesus one of a line or order of which there must have been others of equal or even superior dignity. If the "Melchizedeks" were the divine or priestly rulers of the nations of the earth before the inauguration of the system of temporal rulers, then the statements attributed to St.

    Paul would indicate that Jesus either was one of these "philosophic elect" or was attempting to reestablish their system of government. It will be remembered that Melchizedek also performed the same ceremony of the drinking of wine and the breaking of bread as did Jesus at the Last Supper. George Faber declares the original name of Jesus was Jescua Hammassiah. Godfrey Higgins has discovered two references, one in the Midrashjoholeth and the other in the Abodazara early Jewish commentaries on the Scriptures , to the effect that the surname of Joseph's family was Panther , for in both of these works it is stated that a man was healed "in the name of Jesus ben Panther.

    The skin of the panther was also sacred in certain of the Egyptian initiatory ceremonials. The question arises, Was early Roman Christianity confused with the worship of Bacchus because of the numerous parallelisms in the two faiths? If the affirmative can be proved, many hitherto incomprehensible enigmas of the New Testament will be solved. It is by no means improbable that Jesus Himself originally propounded as allegories the cosmic activities which were later con fused with His own life. If Jesus revealed the nature and purpose of this solar power under the name and personality of Christos , thereby giving to this abstract power the attributes of a god-man, He but followed a precedent set by all previous World-Teachers.

    This god-man, thus endowed with all the qualities of Deity, signifies the latent divinity in every man. Mortal man achieves deification only through at-one-ment with this divine Self. Union with the immortal Self constitutes immortality, and he who finds his true Self is therefore "saved. As Atys, Adonis, Bacchus, and Orpheus in all likelihood were originally illumined men who later were confused with the symbolic personages whom they created as personifications of this divine power, so Jesus has been confused with the Christos , or god-man, whose wonders He preached.

    Since the Christos was the god-man imprisoned in every creature, it was the first duty of the initiate to liberate, or "resurrect, " this Eternal One within himself. He who attained reunion with his Christos was consequently termed a Christian , or Christened , man.

    One of the most profound doctrines of the pagan philosophers concerned the Universal Savior-God who lifted the souls of regenerated men to heaven through His own nature. This concept was unquestionably the inspiration for the words attributed to Jesus: "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me. In the Gospel narratives the Christos represents the perfect man who, having passed through the various stages of the "World Mystery" symbolized by the thirty-three years, ascends to the heaven sphere where he is reunited with his Eternal Father. The story of Jesus as now preserved is--like the Masonic story of Hiram Abiff--part of a secret initiatory ritualism belonging to the early Christian and pagan Mysteries.

    During the centuries just prior to the Christian Era, the secrets of the pagan Mysteries had gradually fallen into the hands of the profane. To the student of comparative religion it is evident that these secrets, gathered by a small group of faithful philosophers and mystics, were reclothed in new symbolical garments and thus preserved for several centuries under the name of Mystic Christianity.

    It is generally supposed that the Essenes were the custodians of this knowledge and also the initiators and educators of Jesus. If so, Jesus was undoubtedly initiated in the same temple of Melchizedek where Pythagoras had studied six centuries before. The Essenes--the most prominent of the early Syrian sects--were an order of pious men and women who lived lives of asceticism, spending their days in simple labor and their evenings in prayer.

    Josephus, the great Jewish historian, speaks of them in the highest terms. Some authorities trace the Essenes back to the schools of Samuel the Prophet, but most agree on either an Egyptian or Oriental origin. Their methods of prayer, meditation, and fasting were not unlike those of the holy men of the Far East. Membership in the Essene Order was possible only after a year of probation. This Mystery school, like so many others, had three degrees, and only a few candidates passed successfully through all.

    The Essenes were divided into two distinct communities, one consisting of celibates and the other of members who were married. The Essenes never became merchants or entered into the commercial life of cities, but maintained themselves by agriculture and the raising of sheep for wool; also by such crafts as pottery and carpentry. In the Gospels and Apocrypha, Joseph, the father of Jesus, is referred to as both a carpenter and a potter.

    In the Apocryphal Gospel of Thomas and also that of Pseudo-Matthew, the child Jesus is described as making sparrows out of clay which came to life and flew away when he clapped his hands. The Essenes were regarded as among the better educated class of Jews and there are accounts of their having been chosen as tutors for the children of Roman officers stationed in Syria. The fact that so many artificers were listed among their number is responsible for the order's being considered as a progenitor of modern Freemasonry. The symbols of the Essenes include a number of builders' tools, and they were secretly engaged.

    The popular story to the effect that the Countess of Salisbury's garter was the original inspiration for the foundation of the order is untenable. The motto of the Order of the Carter is "Honi soit qui mal y pense" Shamed be he who thinks evil of it. George is looked upon as the Patron of the order, for he typifies the higher nature of man overcoming the dragon of his own lower nature.

    While St. George is supposed to have lived during the third century, it is probable that he was a mythological personage borrowed from pagan mythology. Like the Gnostics, the Essenes were emanationists. One of their chief objects was the reinterpretation of the Mosaic Law according to certain secret spiritual keys preserved by them from the time of the founding of their order. It would thus follow that the Essenes were Qabbalists and, like several other contemporary sects flourishing in Syria, were awaiting the advent of the Messiah promised in the early Biblical writings.

    Joseph and Mary, the parents of Jesus, are believed to have been members of the Essene Order. Joseph was many years the senior of Mary. According to The Protevangelium , he was a widower with grown sons, and in the Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew he refers to Mary as a little child less in age than his own grandchildren. In her infancy Mary was dedicated to the Lord, and the Apocryphal writings contain many accounts of miracles associated with her early childhood. When she was twelve years old, the priests held counsel as to the future of this child who had dedicated herself to the Lord, and the Jewish high priest, bearing the breastplate, entered into the Holy of Holies, where an angel appeared to him, saying, "Zacharias, go forth and summon the widowers of the people and let them take a rod apiece and she shall be the wife of him to whom the Lord shall show a sign.

    Now Joseph's rod was but half as long as the others, and the priests on returning the rods to the widowers paid no attention to Joseph's but left it behind in the Holy of Holies. When all the other widowers had received back their wands, the priests awaited a sign from heaven, but none came.