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LncRNA expression profile and ceRNA analysis in tomato during flowering

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Functions of long non-coding RNAs in plants: a riddle to explore

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Long Noncoding RNAs in Plants.

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  7. A comprehensive review of web-based resources of non-coding RNAs for plant science research.
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    3. Long non-coding RNA produced by RNA polymerase V determines boundaries of heterochromatin.
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      Computational approaches to the identification and characterization of non-coding RNA genes ; Uppsala Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, , p. Lertampaiporn, S. Identification of non-coding RNAs with a new composite feature in the hybrid random forest ensemble algorithm. These included PR1 and PR2 , genes encoding beta-1,3-glucanases affecting callose deposition, some salicylic acid-induced genes, and other genes involved in defense responses. However, the mechanism that gives specificity for these immunity-related loci remains to be determined.

      Chekanova, J. Plant Biol 27 , Liu, J. Genome-wide analysis uncovers regulation of long intergenic noncoding RNAs in Arabidopsis. Full text PDF Related articles. Related articles Based on techniques.

      Non-coding RNA (ncRNA) - Biomolecules - MCAT - Khan Academy

      Laser microdissection of tomato fruit cell and tissue types for transcriptome profiling Laetitia B B Martin et al. Simpson et al. Best et al. Lang et al. Advances in experimental medicine and biology, vol